Benchmark for gyrokinetic codes with kinetic electrons and MHD equilibrium


You will find here below all the five equilibria related to the cyclone circular non-shifted case up to a full single-null down elongated equilibrium.


The full benchmark paper is published now in G. Merlo, O. Sauter, S. Brunner, A. Burckel, Y. Camenen, F. J. Casson, W. Dorland, E. Fable, T. Görler, F. Jenko, A. G. Peeters, D. Told, and L. Villard, Linear multispecies gyrokinetic flux tube benchmarks in shaped tokamak plasmas, Physics of Plasmas 23 (2016) 032104;


They have been first defined and tested with local versions of GS2 and GYRO in the Varenna 2010 paper: A. Burckel, O. Sauter, C. Angioni et al, JPCS 260 (2010) 012006 (references corrected)

The parameters are defined in the paper above as well as the Miller parameters for the r/a=0.5 surface.


The full equilibrium:


EQDSK for case I


EQDSK for case II


EQDSK for case III


EQDSK for case IV


EQDSK for case V


Running CHEASE with these EQDSKs, without the profiles, use the following chease_namelist_eqdsk  file

(Note: with etaei=0.33 and AT3(1)=-0.69 to obtain ne, Te profiles in EXPTNZ.OUT as mentioned in Varenna paper. Can also run with EXPTNZ input file and chease_namelist_eqdsk_tnz namelist file)


Profiles (first line of file is a comment line in matlab):

, e, ne, Te, R dln ne/dr, R dln ne/dr in file


matlab *.fig as well as matlab script files used to make the figures of the Varenna paper: FilesForFigs.tar (or ask O. Sauter for further information)