NTM module and Deff codes


Neoclassical Tearing Modes (NTM) module solves the modified Rutherford equation to obtain the time evolution of both the mode amplitude and frequency. It is then integrated within a transport code, like ETS, to modify the effective diffusivities (Deff)


It is a collaboration between the CNR-Milano, S. Nowak, and SPC-EPFL, O. Sauter


The main reference at this stage is its usage within:


V. Basiuk, P. Huynh, A. Merle, S. Nowak, O. Sauter, JET Contributors4 and the EUROfusion-IM Team, Towards self-consistent plasma modelisation in presence of neoclassical tearing mode and sawteeth: effects on transport coefficients, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 59 (2017) 125012



In order to use the code, please fill in the agreement and send it to: